An intense and emotional larp about a subject we all can relate to: The Family. We explore the social norms and patterns guarding family structures in the Nordic countries. How old traditions lurk like demons under the surface and how hard it is to break free.


A larp based on dramatic stories from the world of theatre and intensified by meta techniques from free-form role-playing. The stories are written by the best playwrights of the Nordic countries, such as Ibsen and Strindberg.


The larp is set in the present time and all you need to bring is what you would wear to a 60th birthday party today. All preparations are done on location with our excellent Game Masters.

Date and location

June 5 – 7 2019・ June 7 – 9 2019

Follökna Mansion, Sweden

Produced by

Anna Westerling & Anders Hultman

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“In the case of A Nice Evening With the Family there can be no mistake: this was art. And damn fine art at that. Ambitious, highbrow and, as it turned out, highly successful.”

Ingrid Storrø

“At the very first Knutepunkt, the buzz-word was “magic moments” – and that’s the word I’d use to describe the play experience at “A nice evening with the family”: it was stuffed, crammed! with “magic moments” – some grand and public, some played in groups, many with only two or three participants (and perhaps a director in the background, whispering in your ear).”

Eirik Fatland