When, where and how?
June 5 – 7 and 7 – 9 at Follökna Mansion, Flen, Sweden for 40 players each run. Both runs are held in English.

Where is the larp set?
Sweden, present day.

What can I play?
You will play a character from one of the plays. Read more here.

How and when do I get my character?
You will be cast into a character from one of the plays. Then you will read that play and form your idea about who the character is based on that.

Will I need to memorize the lines from the play?
No, we use the drama from the plays, and not the lines. The plays are there to help you create drama so you can focus on how to play a scene rather than what to do in it.

What can I play?
In the larp there are both guests and servants. The majority of the characters are guests, but since class is an important part in our story a few characters are servants. They will act as part of the staff with our in-game kitchen, but are not obliged to work. Staff-characters will focus on the story, and the functionaries will take care of the real world logistics.

Can I play a male character if I identify as a women and the other way around?
Yes, you can play whatever gender you want to, no matter how you identify off-game.

Can I choose what to play?
No, the casting will be made by the organisers. If you buy a supporter ticket you will have the option of choosing what play you character will be from.

What do I need to do before the larp?
Read the play featuring your character and get your costume. The extensive workshops on site will be enough for all other preparations. If you want to set up character relations with people before the larp you are free to do so, but it is not expected of you.

How do I sleep and eat?
You sleep in beds in rooms for two to four persons, bringing your own sheets and towels. You will be sorted into rooms depending on what character you play.

How do I eat?
We will give you three meals a day from dinner on day 1 to brunch on day 3.

What to wear and bring for the game?
The larp is set at a 60th birthday dinner in present day Sweden. You will bring two sets of clothes, smart day clothes and nice evening wear. Read more here. The focus of this larp is on drama, and not on costumes, hence we made it as easy as possible. The reason for the two sets of clothes is to give you time to play within your family as you get changed for dinner.

How do you create a safe experience for all?
We work in small groups of no more than 8 players each, that are all lead by a Game Master. The small size of the group and the ever present Game Masters ensure that all are heard, seen and safe. We will also work with the entire ensemble, ensuring the full group of 40 players feel safe with each other.

How do I sign up?
​When the sign up opens in late November and you will be able to buy a ticket to a specific game here.

What is the price?
​The price for the standard ticket is €290. If you want to support the project and make it possible for us to make more great games, you can buy a supporter ticket for €390. The supporter tickets will go on sale one week before the standard ones and will allow you to request a specific play for your character.

Can I pay some now and the rest later?
Yes, standard tickets can be bought in two instalments of €150 each.

The game I want to play is sold out, is there a waiting list?
Yes, you can sign up to it here.

Will I be able to give you more information later?
​Yes, the sign up form is minimal and you will get a link to a more complete enrollment form later.

What is larp?
Larp is an improvised drama taking place without an audience, and with no predefined lines. Each participant has a character, a fictional person they pretend to be for the duration of the game. As with all culture the purpose of larp varies, but it is often to tell a story or create an emotional journey.

Can I bring children?
No. We want your full focus on the game.

Can we sign up as a group?
All signups are individual. We will do individual casting.