Dress your character as either a guest or staff at Helge’s party. The guests are, or aspire to be, upper class and dresses accordingly. As a guest, you need to bring two sets of clothes. Namely, one day wear and one evening wear. It is set contemporary, meaning that you can use things from your closet or an ordinary store.

The Game Masters will wear fully black outfits. To separate them from the players we don’t want you as a player to go full black. If you wear a dark suit the shirt might be white or if you have a lot of black in your dress make sure to to mix it up with something of color (a scarf, cardigan, belt etc) to separate you from the Game Masters.

If you want further details of what the hostess would expect of your character, read below. These guidelines are for “regular” guests. However, if your character is an odd person, who should be frowned upon for not following the code, you would be free to bend these rules and thereby expect to get a reaction from your peers.

Day Clothes

These are clothes, in which the characters have travelled to Helge’s 60th birthday party.

Male guests

Since this is a rather formal weekend away, the clothes must be nice (i.e. casual to smart casual, tie is optional). However, it should be distinguishable from from the more formal party outfit. It should be noted that the oldest male characters can even be semi-formal: For example, if a younger person would combine a good quality wool sweater with very nice slacks, a grandfather probably combines the similar trousers with a double-breasted navy blazer. For most characters, any sportswear including sneakers and jeans would be unthinkable in this context.

Female guests

This is a formal party, so you would probably wear nice clothes at day, as well as at the formal dinner. Examples are a skirt or nice pants, combined with a blouse or sweater, and a jacket or cardigan on top. Although it is a formal setting, it is not such as in an office. However, an office blouse could be combined with a skirt of a brighter color. Accessoires such as a necklace, a nice handbag and/or nice shoes. For most characters, jeans or any sportswear including sneakers would be unthinkable in this context.

Dinner Clothes

Male guests

The invitation specifies “formal”, which in in the context of a formal birthday party, for men, indicates a tuxedo or dark suit. A man who wants to appear proper, or someone who is part of Helge’s Gentlemans Club, will probably wear a black dinner jacket (tuxedo) with a black bow tie. A dark suit should preferably comprise a black, very dark blue or dark grey suit jacket with matching pants, combined with a white shirt, a discrete tie, and black leather shoes. A blazer jacket of a different colour than the trousers is seen as under-dressing. Odd characters can use an ascot tie or bow tie instead of the regular tie. This should not be overused and is only for the odd ones.

Female guests

For women, “kavaj” requires a knee too full length dress, skirt or very formal trousers. Such skirts or trousers could be combined with a formal top of good quality, with a tasteful neckline. In the summer, it could even be flowered, but do take care that the cut and quality is appropriate for a formal evening party as such. A full makeup and a good sprinkling of jewellry makes an attire complete.

Note that a suit or a similar “male” attire is not allowed, since we need to reduce the risk of confusion with female players playing male characters.

The Staff

The staff wear classical clothes for waiting tables both day and night. Male staff wear black trousers (not jeans), white shirt with long sleeves, black tie and black shoes. Optionally male staff can wear a waistcoat our a suit jacket. Female staff wear knee-long black skirt, plain tights, with a white shirt with short or long sleeves. We recommend all to choose comfortable black shoes.

Aprons and other appropriate details will be provided at the game site.