How to get your ticket

Sign-up is available on this webpage and payment can be made with all major credit cards. If you have questions about payment please contact Anders.

What is the price?

A ticket to A nice Evening with the Family costs € 290 for a standard ticket as a one-time payment and € 390 for a supporter ticket. We also provide an option of paying the standard ticket with two transactions of 150€ each for a total of 300€. This means that paying all at once grants you a small discount for making our lives as organisers easier and reduces administration.

What is a supporter ticket?

The supporter tickets cost more and give us the funds to make the larp even better. With some props to improve the play area or nicer food for everyone. It also comes with two special perks:

  1. Sign-up for supporter tickets opens one week before the standard tickets
  2. You may choose what play your character will be part of in the larp (if you sign up before initial casting)

Supporters will of course have our gratitude and if you wish, you will be thanked in printed material from the larp.

What is included in the price?


  • Full board from day 1 18:00 until day 3 12:00. This includes 2 nights in a hostel room, 2 breakfasts, 2 dinners and 1 lunch.
  • Facilitation from our Game Masters before, during and after the game
  • Sweden in summer (priceless)

Not included

  • Personal costume, see more on the costume page.
  • Transportation to and from Follökna Mansion. Pick-up at nearby bus and train stations is available. See more under practical.

Gender and types of tickets

The plays we base the game on has a fixed number of male and female characters. We will need to have an appropriate divide in each game of players playing each gender. Since playing male or female characters give you a different experience, you can of course choose whichever one you want, no matter your off-game gender.


We will take responsibility for the larp and you as the ensemble of players. This means we will do individual casting to create an ensemble and an interesting and varied cast. Sometime after you signed up you will receive a letter when we ask about more information about you such as dietary needs, sleeping preferences, if there is any player you do not wish to play with and any other requests you might have. At this stage you can include wishes regarding your character and play.

Can I pay in parts?

We prefer to receive your payment in full when you sign up as it saves us trouble and time.  We will give the “pay all at once”-participants a discount, but we understand that the full price is a lot to ask of many and have therefore set up an instalment plan for those who need it. When you sign-up you will have to pay at least € 150. If you choose to pay in instalments you will need to pay like this:

  1. Initial payment: € 150 On sign-up
  2. Final payment: € 150 before 2019-03-31

If you cannot keep to the payment times in the plan, contact us or you risk losing your spot at the larp.​​

Refunds, cancellations and transfers

If you buy a ticket and are unable or unwilling to participate you can cancel your ticket until 2019-03-31. If you cancel before this time you will get your money back, except € 50 that we keep for handling and fees.

If you wish to cancel after 2019-03-31 you can get your money back as above if you or we find a replacement who can buy a ticket in your place.

Two weeks before the larp we will give no refunds and your ticket might be given to someone else for free since we will need to make sure every part is taken.

Special provisions

The organisers reserve the right to refuse a participant the right to participate in the larp without giving any reason. In such a case the full fee will be returned to the participant. The organisers do also reserve the right to refuse a participant to continue the larp if said participant hinders other players or in other ways makes the larp an unsafe place. In such a case no refund will be given. The organisers claim the right to pre-invite a number of players whose efforts have made the event possible.