Families are all tied together with different bonds. Below follows a walkthough about how this particular family is related, each character to the other, and how come they are invited to celebrate Helge’s 60th birthday party — the setting of our larp.

Mr Henrik Klingenfeldt

Once upon a time there was man, Mr Henrik Klingenfeldt, who had 4 children. The oldest were the twins Helge (the Celebration) and Hilma (Condemned), and the middle daughter Julie (True women) and youngest son Thomas. They all married and they all have large families. Henrik has passed away, but Helge have invited all his siblings and their families to his celebration.

Helge inherited the family manor – Follökna – from his father and there his and his wife Else’s four children, the twins Christian and Linda, and their younger siblings Helene and Michael, grew up. In time the family moved to a large and modern house in the area and turned the manor house into a Hotel. Helge has since moved on and invested in bigger hotels, but Follkökna is still there and it felt right to have the party at the family home.

A sad event occurred in the Klingenfeldt family not long ago, their oldest child Linda, who was always very fragile, killed herself. Some of you may have been to the funeral a few months back.

Helge’s twin sister, Hilma Hillner (Condemned) lives with her husband not far away from Follökna and have three children. The oldest Thea (Hedda Gabler) is married as Elvstedt, the second Victor (Sylvi) is an architect and the youngest Gertrude (Condemned) have just finished her studies. The oldest, Mrs Thea Elvstedt arrives alone without her husband, which is very peculiar, where is her husband, is he sick?

Hilmas husband, Professor Hillner, has his nephew Olof Wide (Condemned) living with them. Olof’s parents works abroad, so when not at boarding school Olof have grown up with the Hillners, therefore he is naturally invited to the party.

The middle sister, Julie Bark (True women) married the charming Pontus Bark (True women) and had three girls, Lissi  (True women), who married Willhelm (True women), Berta (True women) and Adele (Playing with fire) who are still unmarried.

The youngest son, Thomas had children early and died 10 years ago. He left his oldest daughter Kristin (A Doll’s house) to take care of the sick mother and her two younger brothers Jörgen (Hedda Gabler) and Axel (Playing with Fire). Kristin later married Mr Linde who recently passed away. Jörgen (Hedda Gabler) married Hedda (Hedda Gabler) and they are just back from their honeymoon. Both Jörgen and Axel have Klingenfeldt as a family name, even though Jörgen sometimes jokingly is referred to as “Tesman” – and old nickname that decided to stick.

Else’s family

Helges wife, Else, has two sisters, Violet (August: Sörmland) and Mattie Fae (August: Sörmland).

The oldest, Violet (August: Sörmland) married the famous poet Beverly Weston and they had three girls, Barbara, Ivy and Karen. They are all invited to the party together with their families. Barbara brings her husband Bill (August: Sörmland) and daughter Jane (August: Sörmland), Ivy comes alone and Karen (August: Sörmland) brings her new boyfriend Steve Heidelbrecht (August: Sörmland). Steve is also accidentally the father of Mette (The Celebration), Michael Klingenfelt’s wife.

Thanks to Beverly’s success as a poet they have a big house in the area where their girls grew up and Beverly and Violet now live as retired. Mattie Fae (August: Sörmland) has a son called “Little” Charles (August: Sörmland) who is coming along with Violet and her family.

The sister Charlotte

Old Mr Henrik Klingenfeldt, had a much younger sister, Charlotte. She first married a man, a Mr Helmer, and had two boys, Axel (Sylvi) and Torvald (A Doll’s house). As their father they both work in the financial sector and are married to lovely wifes, Sylvi (Sylvi) and Nora (A Doll’s house). Axel, who is the older brother, have been married before and have a son from that marriage, Accountant Erik Lundberg (True women). He never paid much attention to the boy, who has been living with his mother and has her name, but Erik has now finished his studies in economy and is working in the financial sector which makes him interesting. Axel have therefore decided to bring his son to the party.

The younger sister Charlotte eventually divorced the Mr Helmer. In the settlement she got his spacious and elegant summer house close to Follökna where the family had spent all their summers. She moved in there to live all year round and eventually met a new man, a Mr Lövborg, who moved in with her. They had a son, Eliert Lövborg (Hedda Gabler) who just published a book about the history of the world that has been a great success. Charlotte passed away recently and who will inherit the beloved summer house is still an open question among her three sons.

The neighbors

Close to Follökna and in the small town Malmköping a lot of friends of the Klingenfeld live. Such as the very wealthy Judge “Brack” Björnklo (Hedda Gabler). Why he is called Brack is long forgotten. His wife is long dead, and he is bringing three children, his oldest son Knut (Playing with Fire) with his wife Kerstin (Playing with Fire), Sixten (Condemned), Julie (Miss Julie). There’s a rumour among the older generation that Julie may be called Julie after Julie Bark (True Women), who had a relationship with Brack before she decided to marry Pontus Bark (True Women), but no one knows for sure.

Then there is Dr Georg Rank (A Doll’s house) who is an elderly gentleman who everyone feels they can talk to and calls if anything is the matter. Naturally he is invited.

Finally there are the poorer families. Just close to Follökna the Krogstad Family lives, with the father Nils Krogstad (A Doll’s house) and the three children; Kristin (Fröken Julie), Pia (The Celebration) and Valborg (Condemned). The Krogstads have always been poor, and through Torvald (A Doll’s house) Helge heard that Nils Krogstad was involved in financially shady business dealings some years ago. But since the Krogstads have always been loyal to the Klingenfeldts Else make sure to invite them every year. Krogstad’s daughter’s work for the family, Kristin Krogstad (Miss Julie) works as maitre d’hotel at Follökna, Pia (The Celebration) is a waitress at Follökna and Valborg Krogstad (Condemned) works for Hilma Hillner (Condemned).

Another family is the Augustsson who has worked for generations at Follköna. Jean (Miss Julie) and Michelle (The Celebration), still works there, but their brother Gustav (The Celebration) left a couple of years ago and no one have seen him since. What no one knows is that he is coming back to Follökna, as the boyfriend of Helene, Helge’s daughter.


Since Helge is running bigger hotels, and has other things than Follökna on his mind, he needed someone to run the little countryside hotel Follökna. When Judge Brack (Hedda Gabler) said that his daughter Julie (Miss Julie) needed a learning project to start up her career, Helge handed over the running of Follökna to her. Follökna is quite small, and it’s a good place to start learning more about the hotel business.

The reason the hotel is working can be its excellent staff, Jean Augustsson (Miss Julie) and Kristin Krogstad (Miss Julie). They have been there a long time and are running it as head waiter and maitre d’hotel. Most of the guests know them, and all can talk to them. It’s nice to sometimes have someone outside the family to talk to. In addition they have two waitresses, Pia Krogstad and Michelle Augustsson (the Celebration).

Functions in other plays

In some plays some characters have small, but important functions. Some of these functions have been moved to characters in other plays.

  • Torvald Helmer (A Doll’s house) have been asked to be the toastmaster tonight and will take the function of the toastmaster from the Celebration.
  • Jean (Miss Julie) takes some of the functions of the character Lars, the receptionist from the Celebration.
  • Judge Brack (Hedda Gabler) also takes the functions of the characters The Count from Miss Julie and the father from Playing with Fire.
  • Hilma (Condemned) will take the function of the character Alma from Sylvi.
  • Jane (August: Sörmland) will take the function of Karin from Sylvi.
  • Else (The Celebration) will take some of the functions of Mattie Fae Aiken from August: Sörmland)
  • Kristin Linde (A Doll’s House) will take some of the functions of Aunt Juliana Tesman from Hedda Gabler.