Articles and quotes about the previous run 2007:

  • In Do larp (2011): A nice Evening with the Family by Anna Westerling
  • In Nordic Larp (2010): En Stilla Middag med Familjen — First Person Bourgeois Drama by Johanna Koljonen
  • In Playground worlds (2008):
    • Behind the Façade of A Nice Evening with the Family by Anders Hultman, Anna Westerling and Tobias Wrigstad
    • The Nuts and Bolts of Jeepform by Tobias Wrigstad
    • Producing A Nice Evening by Anna Westerling
  • At Wikipedia (in Swedish)

“I will say that this was great. To bring theatre and larp together was brilliant. A Nice evening was the sort of larp I have been hoping and waiting for in all my years of larping, from when I first took my first step off stage and into larp.“

Aina Sogn Husvegg

“At the very first Knutepunkt, the buzz-word was “magic moments” – and that’s the word I’d use to describe the play experience at “A nice evening with the family”: it was stuffed, crammed! with “magic moments” – some grand and public, some played in groups, many with only two or three participants (and perhaps a director in the background, whispering in your ear).”

Eirik Fatland

“In the case of A Nice Evening With the Family there can be no mistake: this was art. And damn fine art at that. Ambitious, highbrow and, as it turned out, highly successful.”

Ingrid Storrø

“A nice Evening with the Family was a landmark event in the Nordic larp tradition. It’s core ideas was to explore the bourgeois family through a larp which combined classic plays, the dogma film the Celebration and innovative metagame techniques. This combination created a larp that was artistically interesting, emotionally intense and pushed larp as a medium one step forward. For me personally it gave me my best larp experience ever.”

Tor Kjetil Edland